Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Aebleskivers How-To ~ Mid Week Munchies

Aebleskivers How-To

Ableskivers are a family favorite at our house. Warm little puff balls of pancake goodness. Click here for my so simple, make in less than five minutes batter.

To make Aebleskivers you need an aebleskiver pan. Typically they have seven holes to make the balls and are cast iron. I bought mine at a local grocery store around Christmas time, but I know they sell the at William Sonoma and other specialty cooking stores. Mine Retailed for $19.99. *Make sure your pan is generously seasoned and heat your pan with a generous amount of grease. (cooking oil or shortening)

Step 1: Fill holes with batter. I try and get my batter to be level with the top of the pan. This makes a fluffy soft round ball when cooked. Allow batter to cook in this position for about one minute, it will really help to cook the ball completely through and form its shape. *I like to get my pan really hot and heat up the oil, then I turn the heat down to medium to cook the balls.
Step 2: Get yourself this handy tool. A long shish kabob skewer with a point. This is perfect for turning the batter.
Step 3: Once the ball has browned on its first side (see photo 2 above) start turning the aebleskiver quarter turns; cooking on each side. Takes about 30 seconds, per turn. Each turn allow a little more of the batter to "spill" out of the ball, cooking against the cast iron.
Step 4: Once ball has completely formed, continue to flip ball for 30 sec. - 1 minute helping it cook thoroughly.

Perfectly cooked inside!!! Add your favorite topping: powdered sugar, syrup, jam, preserve.

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Ella said...

MMMMM I'm hungry now! I think I will try these!!!

kami @ said...

Whoa! Those look amazing!

Marie {Make and Takes} said...

These are my fav of yours. I've been lucky to have these a few times and they are the best. I also loved it with a little chocolate chip inside!

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