Wednesday, September 14, 2011

My Top Ten ~ Mid Week Munchies

I thought it would be fun to share My Top Ten favorite places to eat in Utah. Now this list is not the best food in Utah or the best price; this is MY TOP TEN favorite places to: eat, indulge or just plain satisfy my sweet tooth. Once I started compiling my list is was really hard. I love so many places. But I'm satisfied with my current Top Ten.

I have to admit I haven't tried every place in Utah. I am sure there are some amazing places I don't even know exsist. I've included 5 sit down restaurants, 2 order at the front, 2 doughnut shops and 1 sweets store. If you think I created a grevious sin and didn't include someplace. Let me know!

~ garlic chicken and katsu, my faves! also, order some fry bread (donuts,people!!)

~ while pregnant with our first child, once a week before lamaze class, DH and I stopped and ate. double souvlaki plate with lemon grass. Oh.....and the fries and fry sauce just can't be denied.

Really people!....the first time someone told me about Banbury she explained the donuts as oooey, gooey delicious. Man, was she right!

The Dodo Restaurant
The turkey sandwhich with melted cheese and ceasar salad is like heaven and you must order a desert: preferrably the tollhouse pie. I repeat: order the tollhouse pie.

I have been on a rampage lately at this fine establishment. They are pricey donuts but sooooo worth it. My fave is the maple honeybun!

They have the most amazing chocolate strawberries. I use to live about 200 feet from this place and was know on many occasions, after a hard day at work, to stop by and treat myself to a chocolate strawberry!

I've never been to Thailand, but if the food is as good as Thai Ruby then I want to go. The curry is incredible and so it the pad Thai. Nothing is better than Thai Ruby (in my humble opinion)

Fresh, local, homegrown and every bite is mouthwatering. We always go for Christmas, because that is our anniversary. The menu always changes, but I love the roast beef!

My husband's parents first date was here. It has a very swanky bar, without being a bar, feel. Everything is delicous but I love the sausage sandwich, and its spicy!!

Best Burgers in Utah. We have two locations all within about 10 minutes. My last meal before I went into labor was at JCW's and I ate a whole plate of cheese fries ~ all by myself. Oh, y-e-s I did!!
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Barb said...
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Barb said...

sorry, too many miss spelled words in that last comment.

I love Greek souvlaki....I used to live in SLC

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