Thursday, September 15, 2011

9 Patch on Point

Three weeks ago I was having trouble with my machine. My electronic screen would randomly stop working and so would the needle.  I took it in to the Bernina store where I bought it 5 years ago and they told me there was a recall on a specific part that was causing the problem. They told me the part had to be ordered and it would take a week. ACK! A WEEK! I didn't want to be without my machine for a week?! Me, not having my machine for a week would be like not having my toothbrush, or my shoes. (This is when I realized I really need a back-up sewing machine, in case something like this happens again)

Well, one week turned into two and two weeks turned into THREE! I was beside myself. Three weeks without my machine; I was practically having fits. Giving my friends and family updates on how long it would take before I got my machine back. I was being so obnoxious, looking for sympathy from anyone?! Apparently this recall has caused some pretty major havoc and the part was on back order. Three weeks!

Once I got my machine back, working good as new; thank you! I started working again on my on-point quilt. The nine-patches and black blocks just needed to be sewn into strips. On-point is a little tricky (for me) because your working sideways the whole way until the quilt top is finished and then is comes together and makes sense as a rectangle.
I am thinking I will add a 4" black border and be done. For 2 reasons: I got all the fabric prints from my SIL and I don't have anymore fabric to do a colorful border and I want to machine quilt it myself and it will be much easier to tackle in its current size, rather than 24" bigger.

Anyone out there had machine trouble and no back-up? I can sympathized, tell me your tale!

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Barb said...


amy smart said...

This is so cute, Pamela! I love the black. Glad your machine is back!! :)

Ella said...

I love the black on there so pretty!

Christy said...

I just finished a quilt top of my own, but I added huge borders so I could put it on my bed. Your points look great...wish all of mine looked that way! :)

Linda B said...

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