Thursday, February 18, 2010


Sorry for such a long delay in blogging lately. Life has been taking precedence over blog land.

As a family we have really been enjoying the Olympics. I just couldn't believe when I was dating my husband that he hadn't grown up watching the Olympics! I corrected that problem right away, and I must admit he is quite the Olympic junky now.

I also recently finished this book; Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follet. I put everything on hold to finish this 970 page book. The laundry, dinner, dishes....I just couldn't put it down. I do give this book an (R) rating, but all the great things in between more than make up for it. ***Side note: Before suggesting a book to a friend, I always give it a movie rating. For instance: if what I was reading were on the movie screen what would it be rated?****


Unknown said...

It was an AWESOME book, wasn't it!! The sequal is good too, by the way.

Ella said...

Vince has read that one several times! He must like it!

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