Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Makin' Whoppie

Now I am not talking about the Whoppie your all thinking about. I am talking about W-H-O-P-P-I-E! i.e. lets celebrate and having a good party. I thought up this fun game to play with your kids come Valentine's Day.

Whoopie Game:
All you need is:
Balloons x 7
Zany Ideas
7 valentine prizes

Channel your inner Whoppi and think of 7 crazy, zany, fun games. Here are 7 examples:
Try and eat a dollop of whip cream off your nose/chin, first one finished wins.
Put an ice cube down your shirt and make it come out your pant leg, first ice cube out wins.
See who can last the longest having their feet tickled.
Do the chicken dance with your feet tied together, dance it faster and faster until only one person is left standing.
Rub your tummy and pat your head for 15 seconds. Rub your tummy, pat your head and jump on one foot. Continue to add more tasks until only one player is left.
Play chubby bunny, most marshmallows in mouth wins.
Blind fold everyone and them search for the whoppie cushion, whoever "farts" the cushion first, wins.

Write each of these 7 games on paper and place in un-blown up balloon. Blow up balloon with the paper games inside. Write W-H-O-O-P-I-E on each balloon with a marker. With 7 players, (if more players; have kids pair up and play on teams) give each kid a balloon.

Object of game: 7 rounds: 7 balloons. Each round players will try and pop their balloon. As each balloon is popped the game (inside the balloon) will be read and all players will then play the game. After each game is played a winner will be announced and awarded a prize. Play each round until all the balloons are popped and each game is played. Even if a player does not have a balloon to pop they can participate and play the game. If two balloons are popped at the same time, play both games in the same round.

After all these fun games, your kids should be exhausted and will probably need a little sugar pick me up!! (Yeah right!) But non-the-less, Kitty has a delicious whoppie pie recipe you can make for dessert. They kids are gonna love it!!


Camille said...

Cute and zany ideas! I think my kids would love the marshmallow game, only the marshmallows wouldn't "stay" in their mouths!

Fahrenheit 350° said...

Scary picture of Whoopi-someone had to say it. Fun game though!

Becky at VintageMixer said...

what a cute idea!

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