Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Layer on the Love

One thing I have a difficult time throwing or donating away is clothes: warn out, doesn't fit, ruined, doesn't matter, I can't bare to part with it. I always want to re-purpose the fabric. I buy the shirt, skirt or pants, because I loved the fabric and that is why I lament over donating it somewhere else. I think; "That fabric would make the coolest something!" Typically what happens is it sits in my craft room in the corner where I have a huge pile of other clothes waiting to be re-purposed for who knows how long.

Recently we got a new downstairs sectional. It is big and brown and it needs some pillows to spice up the decor. I love new pillows! especially fun, funky, detailed pillows and nothing seems to brighten a room or bed like pillows. Unfortunately really great, fantastic pillows can get pricey. Since I don't have the pillow budget I want, I usually shop and hunt through discount stores like Ross and T.J. Maxx to find something better than your average run of the mill pillow. Last week I went to Ross and found 3 great pillows, plus the two pillows forms (I had at home) I knew I could use my re-purpose fabric. Yah!!

Enter: in my second idea for Valentine's Day: Valentine Maternity Pillow if you are anything like me, you have a (second) big pile of maternity clothes you only wear when your preggers. Alot of my pregnant clothes are either worn out, stained (because I spilled everything right down the front of me) or out of style. So I decided to re-purpose a sweater I worn while pregnant with both of my boys. I love this sweater. I wore it almost everyday, it keep me warn and snugly all through the spring and fall months of my pregnancies. But alas (I haven't been pregnant for 4 1/2 years) I lost the tie for around my waist and it has a lot of stains, a few stains. This sweater was perfect for my pillow idea!

Now I am not a pattern gal, I have owned up to this a few times, and I just wing it, but I am savvy enough in the sewing department that throwing it together usually works for me. If you are a pattern gal look here for pillow patterns or check out this YouTube video on how to make a pillow from old jeans!!

I love how this pillow turned out, especially because it reminds me of when I was pregnant and those are happy Valentine-y thoughts for sure. Any other ideas on how to re-purpose your old pregnant clothes? It seems kinda sad to just throw them all away. Even letting friends borrow the clothes is great, but re-purposing one favorite item seems like a great way to honor the long hard nine months you put into getting your little one here. I would love to read/hear your ideas.

Layer On some more Love over at Kitty's Blog, she is showing us how to layer your favorite sugar cookie into the sweetest valentine treat.


Marie Rayner said...

Fantastic pillow Pamela! I love it!

Barb said...

That pillow is so wonerful....I love what you did with the sweater...how clever!!

3Wildflowers said...

I was just going to give away my old pregnancy clothes to friends or donate them, never would have I thought of this idea! How wonderful! If it wern't for all the snow out there today I would run out to the shed to choose my favorite pieces to covert right now! Thanks for the great idea!

Rebekah said...

such a cute idea and a great way to repurpose your old sweater

Camille said...

Great idea! Items with a history are much more meaningful!

Ella said...

What a cool Idea!! I love that sweater pillow! I'v been wanting to do the same thing jeans.

Fahrenheit 350° said...

I hate throwing away clothes too! What a great repurpose!

Molly Betsy @ Star Cottage said...

Awesome pillow. Great idea ;)

Angela Schofield said...

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