Monday, February 1, 2010

Lady in Red

Valentines just wouldn't be complete without a few lovely post from Kitty and I. We've got a few heart stopping ideas on how to make this Valentine's your best yet. She's got the goods for your tummy and I've got your gifts giving covered.

I love how the trend for fun hair accessories it at an all time cuteness level. It seems like everywhere I go: Mom's, teenagers and little girls have the best eye-catching hair what have you's: headbands, clips, bobbies anything and everything. I thought to myself " What goes with Red Velvet Cupcakes?" Red Velvet Roses, right?? Oh, yes!

Here is my simple, easy tutorial on how to make your own too cute Red Velvet Roses.

Step 1: Take 4 inches of red velvet fabric and fold in half, velvet side up.

Step 2: Gather fabric with a long straight stitch on your machine.

Step 3: Curl your fabric around til rose is your desired size. I did mine about 3-4 turns.

Step 4: Embroider a cute, simple Valentine message on your fabric, with DMC floss. Also with your floss, zig zag through the base of your fabric so it holds the rose's shape.

Step #5: Glue a few felt leaves to the bottom so it covers up the ragged loose ends of velvet.

Step #6: Glue to headband.

Another option: I glued a single rose to a button and then glued that to a clip, if you feel like going solo.
All this talk about velvet sure has gotten me hungry. Head on over to Kitty Blog for some velvet-licious cupcakes. They are divine!!


Ella said...

Oh so cute!!

Camille said...

As always - you're amazing! I love when the sisters join forces for holiday goodies! :)

Fahrenheit 350° said...

I must. have. this. headband! I loves it!

mamaof5 said...

My girls looked SO cute with these headbands you made for them. I got so many compliments! Everyone loved them! Thank you for making this Valentine's Day even more special for my girls!

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