Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Holly's Quilt

This last week, while my sweet baby took his nap, I tackled my second machine quilting project. I quilted Holly's Quilt. Because of the simplicity of the quilt, the block size and the border I wanted to try a diagonal design. In my mind I thought simple, keep it simple.
I am so thrilled with how it turned out. I feel like I just fell into, like really fell into, a great design without even realizing it. The diagonal stitches cross perfectly so each square is an "X" and even better a perfect diamond in the borders. Call me dumb, but I didn't  think anything I machine quilted could line up so perfectly...especially without any pain staking, mind intensive, cussing, swearing, heart recking results. I machine quilted and it happened. This really is giving me the courage to press on with machine quilting.
This quilt is small. It measures 32 by 36. Perfect for wrapping her this coming fall and winter. I love the yellow checked border. I used the yellow from the back of Henry's Quilt which I made for him last summer.
As a side note, because of the "smallness" of the quilt. Instead of marking the quilt with a fabric pencil or pen. I took my bone tool and ruler and created a creased diagonal line. After each marking I machine quilted the line. It was a little more up and down, but to not have to mark the entire quilt or wash the quilt to remove the markings was worth it for me. After I was done quilting, I ironed it and am now ready to bind.
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My Sweet Boys said...

The quilt looks wonderful im sure it will keep her warm this winter. The quilted lines look great as well.

Ella said...

Wow you are getting really good! Maybe I'll start bringing quilts to you!!!;) Ya know they make a pen Yes a ink type pen that you can mark with and all you have to do to remove it is Iron it put a little heat on it and it is gone effortlessly.

Stacy Henrie said...

So pretty! You amaze me, Pam.

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