Friday, August 5, 2011

Gardner Village ~ Field Trip Friday

After riding the new UTA train last week, my boys and I took a stroll through Gardner Village. If you live anywhere in Utah or are planning to visit ~ make sure and stop by Gardner Village. It is a beautiful place, especially in the spring and summer. Right now Gardner Village is sooo patriotic. The Bridges and Shops are decked out in Americana!

All the shops are fun to browse and full of wonderful products. I love that most shops are historic homes and having lived in a historic home myself, it bring back fond memories. One of my favorite shops is of course Pine Needles!! Of all the quilt stores in Utah, Pine Needles in one of the best. The store is cozy and full of wonderful, inspiring fabrics and quilts. Plus, it is right next to the pond so my boys are occupied while I shop. When you stop by and visit Gardner Village make sure and visit Pine Needles.
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Ella said...

I so love Pine needles, the lady's there are super sweet too!!!

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