Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Oxnard Strawberries ~ Mid Week Munchies

No surprise here I am posting about strawberries for Mid Week Munchies. My sister lives about 20 minutes from Oxnard, California. Home to the best strawberries on Earth. They are sweet, juicy, red and I am addicted!! They have little corner strawberry stands all over Oxnard and a even a few stands where my sister lives. Almost every morning I ran out and got a half flat of these scrumptious berries! I don't think I've ever consumed more strawberries in a week.

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Ella said...

those look yum!!!mmmm now my mouth is watering!!!

Donna and Anne said...

That is the coolest looking chicken coop I have ever seen! My hubby is considering getting chickens, but I have been skeptical. Cheers!


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