Friday, February 6, 2009

For my first grader

The first time I tried this was at Christmas. My first grader loves these treats. So the week before Christmas vacation I added a little Christmas treat in his lunch. Ever since he has been begging me to buy "those little brownies" to put in his lunch. For the week of Valentine's, I am going to include these treat in his lunch...with a little love note.

If you make a lunch for someone you love, make sure to include one of their favorite treats with a little inspiring note.


Ella said...

You are such a SWEET thoughtful mom!:)

noodle and lou said...

Hi Pamela! That is so sweet:)
I always used to leave notes for my son Jake and this year (3rd grade) he said it was getting embarrassing:( So now I leave even bigger notes...just kidding;) thankfully my Pre-K'er insists on love notes in his snack:) Happy Sunday! xox..jenn

Jenny said...

When I taught first grade, I used to bring my students Little Debbie treats for Valentines' Day, Christmas and Easter. They're inexpensive, cute as can be and individually wrapped.

Anonymous said...

So sweet! I love the fact that your son talked about it since Christmas.

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