Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Guilty Pleasure

Over the weekend we went to SL and "hung" out in the old neighborhood. Although SL is not New York, Chicago, or LA it still has some wonderful, quaint shops I love to pop in and visit whenever I head to the "big city". Frosty Darling is a great downtown eclectic shoppe with great handmade, etsy products and lots of things made by the owner and her friends. I couldn't resist picking this up. It just made me smile and giggle and bust a gut laughing.

Guilty Pleasure: I think so. I loved him....oh lets say when I was 11-ish. I also love Jim Carey's Spoof of him on In Living Color. Even though he has become a comedic pun in many ways most of us teeny-boppers back in the early 90's all wanted to "collaborate and listen".


Fahrenheit 350° said...

I've never seen that video before, but hilarious! This reminds me of my special moment with Vanilla Ice - up close and personal baby! I'm going to have to make a vanilla ice treat and blog about it!

Camille said...

Word to your mutha!
That is too funny - I'd never guess that as a guilty pleasure of yours!
Side note - my brother had a mission companion who was a fanatic of Vanilla Ice - to the point where he insisted everyone call him "Ice" - even the members/investigators! I'm sure he had a "sweet spirit" :)

Jessica said...

i so loved him too....and that is one of my top five favs from In Living so funny...that's for this post with the video made me laugh and after the day i had i really needed a good laugh

Ella said...

Loved that song!! Too funny!!

Amy said...

Oh my GOSH - Too funny! I need one of those for my fridge.

something funny to add...When I was young and single my boyfriend was a DJ. He was the lucky one to DJ the YSA adult dances every Friday night. I made him play Ice Ice Baby one night - people went crazy. Everyone loved it and it ended up being a Friday night tradition. Deep down everyone wants to "kick it!"

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