Friday, January 15, 2010

Winter Why's

Winter is in full force here, and since I don't live in Alaska, Minnesota or Canada I feel like I have no room to complain. Here is my top ten list for why I love winter.

10. Comfy Pajamas
9. Cute Boots
8. Warm Baths
7. Cinnamon Rolls and Hot Chocolate
6. Snow Shoeing
5. Snugging under a Comfy Quilt.
4. Sledding!!
3. Soups and Breads
2. The gorgeous Snowy Mountain Views
1. Sitting on the HEATER (with a quilt), Relaxing.

What do you love about winter??


Liz said...

Riding my snowmobile to and from work instead of my bike!

Ella said...

That lucky Liz! I wish I could ride my snowmobile to work or any where from my house! I would have to say all of the above, that you listed and just a few more.

Kelly O. said...

ha ha!
I live in Canada and I concur--those are all great things about winter!

I also love it when the roads are closed and hubby has to work from home! --I love having him around!

PDOTTreats said...

Any peppermint treat, beef stew and then the traditional orange rolls for Christmas breakfast.

tammy said...

Sitting on the heater vents is the BEST!!

Molly Betsy @ Star Cottage said...

all of the above and so much more. Mittens and hats and scarves. So fun to accesorize. and I love hot cider and homemade dohnuts ;)

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