Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Organization 101

An 8 week organizational class is being offered in my neighborhood community. Upon hearing about it, I said to myself; "You can't pass this up: 2 hours of adult, cleaning, de-clutter conversation, while hubby puts the kids in bed." Yes, please!!

In the First Class we tackled closets, laundry and the home office. I came home feeling like a new woman and ready to de-junk.

I like to think of myself as somewhere in the middle: I do have an emotional attachment to things, but I also know when it is time to just let things go. What I am in desperate need of is ORGANIZATION: how to file, sort, dispose, group, coordinate (you get the picture), I want to know where my scissors are, my kid's baby documents, my taxes, where my Christmas lights are quickly, easily, and painlessly.

I think this class just may do the trick.

If you ever get a morbid kick out of other people's stuff and their lack of or serious problems with clutter watch these shows, my family (strange put true) love 'em:

Clean House on the Style Channel. They've had a few hosts, but Nicey is the best.

Hoarders on A&E


Ella said...

I have watched that hoarders show...OH MY!!! That will motivate anybody to organize. I wish you would have invited me along to this class sounds fun!!

Liz said...

Hoarders motivates me! Plus it reminds my husband that our house isn't really that bad!

Karlie said...

I just watched hoarders for the first time a few weeks ago (you can watch them online), and WOW, I scrubbed both of my bathrooms super clean right after. I feel so bad for the children of the people on that show.

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