Friday, January 22, 2010

Magnet Board Pictures

Everyone uses magnet boards to keep track of notes, recipes, school info, photos and much more. Here in Utah, they are quite the trendy design must-have. A few months back, I was at my local craft store and their magnet boards were on sale so I bought two! I loved the large wood frame and spontaneously had an great idea! That original idea was later scraped by an easier ~ need based idea. Instead of keeping notes, recipes and other such essentials I decided to prominently display the most current photos of my boys. At Costco you can get a 12" by 12" photo printed "perfect for scrap booking", is what the sign says for $2.99 + tax. ( For the why behind Costco printing click here.)

I made this really simple on myself. I took out the backing and metal. I spray painted the first coat of black paint outside. Then inside, I did a second coat of black paint with a sponge brush. Let it completely dry, then repositioned the metal and backing. Once everything was back into place I used my favorite boy bottle cap magnets; Tika Kids and put them on top of my photo for placement.

Instead of making this the cutest magnet board turned photo frame... I just wanted it to be done and instead enjoying the pictures. I have to admit this is not normal for me, but I resisted the urge and have thoroughly enjoyed the pictures and so has my husband. He commented: "Glad to see we are finally looking at these pictures!" ( he means instead of on a CD) I couldn't agree more!!

I love that fact that I can now get a big over sized photo of my boys, display it for cheap, change the photo often and get a new look in my home regularly. The black goes with almost any of the photos of my boys and the metal behind gives it a funky matte-ing look (I know I am stretching on that one!).

Tip: For a new interesting look, don't actually hang your pictures. Have Furniture? Just prop your picture up on the buffet, side table, desk, etc. especially if they have a wall behind them or use an easel. Shake things up a bit, I love to do this in my living room.

Happy Weekend.
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